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Create redirects of any type from any page of your website


The URL Redirect Manager plugin for nopCommerce is a powerful tool that allows store owners to create custom redirect rules for their online stores. With this plugin, users can easily redirect any page on their store to any page on the internet, whether it be another page on their site or an external website.
One of the main features of this plugin is the ability to create temporary or permanent redirects, giving users full control over how their redirects behave. This allows store owners to create redirects that will last for a specific period of time or permanently redirect visitors to a new page.
Another useful feature of the URL Redirect Manager plugin is the ability to monitor not found errors that customers may encounter on their store. By monitoring these errors, store owners can quickly identify any broken links or missing pages and redirect visitors to the correct page, providing a better user experience and reducing bounce rates.


  • Create redirects from any page on your store to any page on the internet
  • Temporary (302, 307) or permanent (301) redirects
  • Monitor Not Found errors that your customers encounter
  • Automatic reindexation by Google and other search engines
  • Create dynamic redirects with placeholders
  • Redirect from a group of pages by URL patterns
  • Export or Import redirect mapping via CSV file
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